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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort has two parks: Disneyland and DisneySea.
Disneysea is kind of like California Adventure, in that it's a separate park.
Both parks have alot of the same rides as the ones you will see in the US, with a few extra different ones at Disneysea, which is more water theme based.
Disneysea is located within the resort but you have to take a shuttle to get to it from the resort entrance, it is not walking distance to Disneyland park.
Since i wanted to visit both parks, we purchased multiday passes. A Two day passport costs 10,700 Yen. One day pass is 6,200 Yen . This is less than what it costs in the US ($87)!!! You can use the multiday passport for one park each- you cannot park hop in one day.  Ticket info

If you are doing multiple days at the resort, there are disney affiliated hotels where they have free shuttle buses and some will have ticket sales available:

Here is a very useful chart for traveling by TRAIN.

A very helpful link on how to use the train station in general :
*do not get the trains confused with the subway lines

Here's a more detailed route directly from my hotel in Shinjuku: Sunroute Hotel Shinjuku Plaza.
Upon exiting lobby- go left and u will see a Mcdonalds. At this intersection, catty corner, u will see the entrance to Lumine 1 shopping center inside Shinjuku Station. You want to find the South Entrance to the station, which is a little further past the Lumine shopping entrance. Before you enter into the station, u will find the JR ticket center where if you have JR rail passes, you can exchange them here. I believe the office doesn't open until 9am. The Disneypark opens either 8 or 9 depending on the day you go. If you don't buy a pass, you need to purchase the train ticket just outside the JR office to the right of it outside the building. Purchase a ticket for the amount you see of the final destination. You will look for Maihama and it should say 380 Yen.  You will use this same ticket at tokyo station and maihama station, but it is not round trip.
Use the ticket to enter into the South Entrance at shinjuku station- Look for the ticket gates and insert your ticket into the one that allows you to go in (typically a green light) and retrieve your ticket as it comes out the other end. Keep this ticket to get into the Tokyo station to transfer. Look for the Chuo Rapid Line. Take the rapid train vs the local train which will make many stops vs a few stops. Exit at the Tokyo Station stop and use your same ticket to get in. You will have to find the Keiyo Line (red) to Maihama. Tokyo Station is very large and you will have to walk a good 10 minutes within the station to the Keiyo line entrance. You will start to see ads for disneyland the closer you get. You will go downstairs and take the Keiyo line to Maihama station which will take you to Disneyland Resort. You will not receive your ticket back at this stop and you will have to purchase another ticket for the same price when you leave to get back. Ride took about 50 minutes.

**Travel tips:
Escalators, walkways, steps- generally will have a protocol where the fast lane is on the right.
Many people are in a hurry and will use the right hand side of the escalator/walk way to rush through. Do not stand still in the fast lane and disrupt the flow!
(i noticed in Osaka, the fast line is on the left...)
Train/Subway- give seat priority to the elderly, handicapped, pregnant women and children.
If you are sitting and a "priority" person comes at the next stop, it is common courtesy to give up your seat to them. Often times during rush hour, there will hardly any space to stand. Hold your belongings and companions tight and brace yourself as you will often get shoved and packed into a train like sardines. It's common to have someone standing right in your face or an armpit to your face. You can wear a facemask! which is really common in japan, especially if you have a cold- it's a courtesy to others to wear a facemask. A few times on the train- you'll be a pro. Just make sure whatever train you get on, you are going in the right direction. If you are completely lost, many workers in tokyo speak some english, so don't be afraid to ask!!!

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